Good for Health, These Are the Anti-Mainstream Traditional Indonesian Drinks

"The call to maintain health is very much intensified during pandemics. As an alternative to maintaining health and fitness, in addition to exercise, you can also consume traditional drinks rich in spices. The spices in traditional drinks is long believed to be able to maintain health and increase the body's immunity"

Published by : Farida  -  01/10/2021 10:13 WIB

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Indonesian traditional drinks are very diverse. One that is familiar and well known is jamu with various herbs/medicinal plants as its basic ingredients. This time, Jamupedia will provide recommendations for traditional drinks from various regions in Indonesian that you may not have heard of before.

This traditional Indonesian drink has been believed for years to have a positive effect on body fitness. All of the drinks are made from a combination of various herbs and other natural blends. What are those drinks, see the full article below.

  • Sarabba

Have you ever heard of the name Sarabba drink? This traditional Indonesian drink comes from South Sulawesi. As quoted from the Food Detik page, sarabba is often sold in South Sulawesi as a drink to warm the body and increase stamina.

To make sarabba is quite easy. First, prepare the ingredients such as ginger, pepper, palm sugar, egg yolk, and coconut milk. Boil the ginger with a little water, add the palm sugar and coconut milk while continuing to stir until all the ingredients are mixed. Finally, just add the egg yolks and pepper while continuing to stir until thickened. If you don’t want to bother preparing the ingredients for sarabba, you can also buy instant products at stores.

Sarabba is efficacious for increasing stamina and endurance. The use of ginger makes sarabba can also neutralize bloating, relieve colds and flu.

  • Bir Pletok

It’s a beer, but this traditional Indonesian drink does not contain alcohol. This drink is famous among the Betawi people. The Indonesia Travel page says that bir pletok has existed since the Dutch colonial era as an alternative for Betawi residents who cannot drink alcoholic wine which is often drunk by the Dutch residents.

The ingredients for Bir Pletok are quite a lot: ginger, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, lemongrass leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, secang wood, pandan leaves, lime leaves, and sugar.

Use those ingredients according to the number of drinks that will be made. It’s easy to make it. In general, put all the ingredients into boiled water over medium heat. Ingredients such as ginger, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, and lemongrass should be crushed or mashed before boiling. Bir Pletok is recommended to be served when it is warm, however now many Bir Pletok sellers use ice.

The benefits of Bir Pletok are many. Besides being believed to be able to increase endurance, Bir Pletok is also claimed to be able to improve blood circulation, overcome pain, migraines, and relieve arthritis. 

  • Bajigur

Bajigur juga dianggap mampu menjaga daya tahan tubuh. Rempah jahe yang digunakan dalam bajigur juga membantu memperlancar peredaran darah dan mengurangi gejala flu. Kayu manis dipercaya mampu memperlancar BAB, mengatasi hipertensi, dan mengobati sariawan.

Itulah 3 rekomendasi minuman tradisional Indonesia yang bisa dikonsumsi untuk menjaga daya tahan tubuh selama pandemi. Selain ketiga minuman di atas, masih banyak minuman tradisional Indonesia lainnya yang bisa dijadikan alternatif. Sobat bisa mencoba wedang secang, wedang uwuh, jamu kunyit asam, beras kencur, dan masih banyak lagi.

Bajigur is known as a traditional Sundanese drink. This drink is commonly found in West Java. Traditional Sundanese drinks are actually only made from coconut milk, sugar and coffee, but over time the drink has undergone various improvisations with the addition of several types of spices for added benefits.

The ingredients for this traditional Sundanese drink include thick coconut milk, palm sugar, ginger, lemongrass stalks, pandan leaves, cinnamon, and ground coffee. Just boil all the ingredients over medium heat. Do not forget to stir constantly so that the coconut milk is not broken. Finally, before serving, add ground coffee to taste.

Bajigur is also considered capable of maintaining endurance. The ginger in bajigur also helps improve blood circulation and reduce flu symptoms. Cinnamon is believed to be able to facilitate bowel movements, overcome hypertension, and treat mouth sprue.

Those are 3 recommendations for traditional Indonesian drinks that can be consumed to maintain endurance during the pandemic. In addition to the three drinks above, there are many other traditional Indonesian drinks that can be used as alternatives. You can try wedang secang, wedang uwuh, jamu kunyit asam, beras kecur, and many more.