Know & Beware of Dangerous Plants Around Us

"There are so many plants around us. Some are ornamental plants, some are shade plants, some other are medicinal plants, and so on. But it turns out that not all plants around us are profitable and beneficial. There are also the dangerous and lethal plants. Knowing which one of them can is important for our safety."

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Plants have an important role in human life. They are the basis of the food chain and are a source of oxygen for humans. But it turns out that not all plants have beneficial properties, some are detrimental. For example, plant roots can damage buildings, plants that grow wild and become nuisance plants, or toxic reactions contained in plants are harmful to health. Therefore, we should recognize types of dangerous plants to avoid.


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Harmful or poisonous plants can be found in various types, ranging from ornamental plants, shade plants, vegetable crops, fruits, shrubs and many others. Some of these plants have been cultivated and some have not. Therefore, we must recognize the plants that are around us.

To keep us from the dangers of certain plants, here are things we should consider.

  1. Know the plants around us.
  2. Avoid growing not too well-known plants that produce sharp colored fruit or flowers.
  3. Avoid planting dangerous plants in the yard or places that are easily accessible, especially by children.
  4. If forced to plant dangerous plants, make sure they are out of reach, especially children.
  5. Alert family members or put a sign around the garden if the plant is dangerous.

Well, that’s it. Why should we know the plants around us? What are the dangerous plants to avoid? Read the following articles about dangerous plants!


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