Know the Types of Jahe So That You Won’t Get It Wrong

"Jahe (ginger, Zingiber officinale) is a widely popular spice in the world. The plant has three varieties namely Jahe Putih Besar (Zingiber officinale roscoe), Jahe Putih Kecil (Zingiber officinale amarum), and Jahe Merah (Zingiber officinale rubrum). All the three have different characteristics and functions"

Published by : Farida  -  01/10/2021 09:16 WIB

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Jahe merah (Red ginger) is the most recognized and easily distinguished type. This is because the color of this ginger that tends to be orange to reddish. The size of ginger is also the smallest when compared to the other two types. However, red ginger has the highest aroma and level of spiciness. This makes this variety popular as a type of ginger for drinks. Jahe merah has rough fiber and is usually harvested when it is old. Red ginger has enough essential oil content, makes it suitable to be extracted as medicines.

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The next type is jahe putih kecil (small white ginger) or also known as jahe emprit. Although the name uses the word emprit, means small, the size of this ginger tends to be larger than jahe merah. This ginger color tends to be brownish white. This type is also harvested when it is old. The aroma is strong and tastes spicy, although not as hot as jahe merah. Jahe emprit also contains essential oil.

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The third variety is jahe putih besar (large white ginger) or known as jahe gajah (elephant ginger) or jahe badak (rhino ginger). The color is the same as jahe emprit only the size is larger. The diameter of this ginger can reach 8 cm. A striking difference from other types, jahe gajah is harvested when it is young. The fiber is slight, the aroma is less sharp, and not too spicy. This type of ginger is more often used for kitchen spices, although it does not rule out the possibility to be made into a ginger drink.

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Jahe Merah has a myriad of benefits. One of the most prevalent and sought after effects of many people is its benefit as body warmers. The distinctive aroma and spicy taste released by jahe merah makes it sought after by many people to warm the body. For body warmers, the jahe is usually made brewed drinks. Kamfena substances in jahe merah, spicy taste, and warm effects are believed to relieve mual (nausea, feeling unwell in the stomach).

Jahe putih has a function similar to jahe merah. Both are able to inhibit bacterial growth and overcome infection. Jahe putih is also believed to prevent the growth of cancer cells with its anti-oxidant properties. Jahe putih is suitable for consumption by elders/seniors because it can inhibit oxidative stress that accelerates the aging process. This is believed to reduce the chances of seniors getting Alzheimer’s. In addition, jahe can improve brain function.

Even though it has a myriad of benefits and adding deliciousness to many dishes, you should use ginger responsibly. Do not use it excessively or stop using it if there are side effects your health.