Postpartum Jamu for New Mothers: Is it necessary?

"Being a new mother is full of challenges. As their labor’s pain barely gone, they have already preoccupied with new activities of caring baby. Drinking jamu is an effort for them to stay healthy and fit in facing the new routines. "

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  07/12/2020 16:43 WIB

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The happiness in welcoming the long-waited baby is often accompanied with several suffering conditions, such as stomach pain, heartburn, or the breast milk won’t come out. Not infrequently, these conditions make a mother feels sad and stressed. Jamu presents as a solution to overcome those problem.


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Jamu is an additional “supplement” for postpartum mothers. One of the benefits of consuming jamu is to restore the ideal shape of the mother’s body. Quoted from popmama.com, jamu does not affect the health of the postpartum mothers. In fact, the mineral and vitamin content of spices’ ingredients of a jamu is good for the postpartum mother’s body, as it can heal wounds and heal stomach aches.

In addition, the spices from the jamu can also boost and smooth out breastmilk production mothers. Parenting.orami.co.id  mentions 4 types of jamu that are safe for consumption after pregnancy so that the body remains slim and fit, namely jamu kunyit asam (turmeric-tamarind), beras kencur (rice-galangal), cinnamon and ginger, as well as jamu temu Kunci/fingerroot and betel leaf.

The jamu kunyit asam is anti-inflammatory and can speed up the recovery process, tighten loose muscles, restore the body to a shapely body again, and tighten the vaginal muscles. To reduce stiffness and restore stamina, postpartum new mothers can consume the jamu beras kencur. In addition, beras kencur is also believed to help to smooth out breastmilk production.

In some cases, postpartum leads to stamina and the immune system lower. To restore stamina and boost the immune system, postpartum mothers can consume jamu cinnamon and ginger. Quoted from alth.kompas.com, ginger extract can increase natural killer cells to destroy the virus wall in the body and maintain body’s immune system.

In addition to jamu to be consumed orally, postpartum mothers can also use topical jamu on certain parts of the body. These jamu include pilis, tapel, and param. Jamu pilis is for improving blood circulation in the head and is good for eye health. Jamu tapel is commonly used on the stomach to shrink, tighten, and warm the stomach. However, herbal tapel is not recommended for mothers who give birth by caesarean section. To get rid of stiffness, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the kidneys, you can use a parem and apply it to the stomach, hands, feet and calves.

The efficacy of herbal medicine for postpartum mothers has indeed been proven and is passed down for generations. However, Mom can consult a doctor first to avoid side effects or risks that may arise when consuming herbal medicine, because everyone’s condition is different.