These 5 Jamupedia Infused Water Recipes Can Slim Body and Flat Stomach!

"Infused water is a mix of water, fruit and herbs that can effectively shed fat, so that it can help you lose weight and make your stomach flatter. Infuse water also has tons of benefits ranging from maintaining a healthy body, helping detoxification, delaying body aging, and nourishing the body's organs."

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Infused water is so loved by young people recently, mainly by those having problems with body weight and fatty stomach. Yep right! This drink is known to melt the fat in the body so that it helps achieve the ideal body weight. In addition, infused water also has tons benefits ranging from maintaining a healthy body, helping detoxification, delaying body aging, and nourishing the body’s organs.

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Well, here are 5 easy Jamupedia-style infused water recipes that you can make at home!

  1. A mix of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon for your slim body

Did you know that cinnamon has many health benefits? Cinnamon is effective in increasing the body’s metabolism, so that it smoothens the fat burning processes. Combined with orange juice, it has a fresher taste. Vitamin C in oranges is an antioxidant so it can counteract free radicals that enter the body.

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  1. If you don’t like cinnamon, try a mix of pear, pomegranate, and cloves

Not everyone likes cinnamon. Don’t worry, there are other alternatives, namely pears and pomegranates. Both of these fruits are rich in fiber which helps to smoothen digestion processes. The antioxidants content also helps control body cholesterol. Meanwhile, cloves can increase the body’s metabolism, so that it helps lose weight.

  1. Strawberry lovers, you should try this mix of star fruit, basil, and strawberries

The color combination of these three ingredients feels very fresh. The third ingredient is also not difficult to find. Star fruit is rich in fiber and low in calories, combined with strawberries, which taste slightly sour, it can increase the production of two important hormones, adiponectin and leptin hormones that help burn fat. Meanwhile, basil increases the body’s metabolism, thus helping to lose weight.

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  1. Ginger, lemon, and mint leaves are the most effective to flatten stomach

This combination is a bit classic and simple, because the ingredients are easy to get. Ginger, no doubt, has properties to help burn fat, stimulate digestion, and suppress appetite. Lemon here plays a role in helping to reduce the sugar content in the body and its vitamin C content as an antidote to free radicals. Meanwhile, mint leaves can refresh and cleanse the digestive tract to make it smoother.

  1. A Mix of cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves also help to get rid your excess fat

Lastly, there is a mix of cucumber with lemon and mint leaves. Cucumber here is one of the mainstays of infused water recipes that are effective in burning body fat. The excessive carbohydrates and sugar levels in the body can be discarded by the cucumber.

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Well, the 5 recipes for infused water above can really be tried at home. They are Easy and practical, right? Do a healthy and balanced diet accompanied by the consumption of infused water above to get the slim body you desire.