Tobacco Can be Your Effective Medicine, Just Don’t Smoke It!

"For smokers, tobacco is a household name -it’s the mains ingredients of their stuff. They still smoke it though there is no doubt it contains harmful properties. However, do you know that this seemingly harmful stuff also has medicinal properties?"

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Tobacco was first discovered in Southern Europe and India. Meanwhile in Indonesia, tobacco cultivation has been widely practiced in many areas, from the hot lowlands to mountainous areas. Tobacco is a perennial herb with a stem height of 1-2 m. The leaves are bright green and single, oval in shape, pointed at the tip and base, the entire surface grows thick, rough and uneven hair. Tobacco has compound flowers, arranged like an umbrella located at the end of the stem or branch. The crown is in the shape of a pink trumpet. In addition, tobacco also has fruit that is ovoid or capsule-shaped, hairy and green when young while dark brown when old.


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In Indonesia, tobacco has been known for a long time and is a high-value commodity. This plant has a distinctive aroma. Apart from being a raw material for cigarettes, it can also be used as medicine. As in India, tobacco is used to treat insect bites. Indian society also uses tobacco as toothpaste mixed with lime or lime. Tobacco leaves can repel pests and insects. In addition, the leaves can also be used as material for making compost.


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In skin treatment, tobacco is also on par with chemical drugs that are widely circulated. Tobacco was used by our ancestors to treat rashes, eczema, and even rheumatism. The method is also easy, just mash a few pieces of tobacco and paste it on the skin. Leave it for a while and repeat every day until the problems subside.

You should understand that tobacco contains harmful substances. Tobacco also has bad effects to the body. It contains the highly toxic nicotine alkaloid compound. If it is consumed it can cause poisoning with the effect of causing cancer cells in the lungs, and causing a large number of other diseases related to the respiratory tract.

So, even though the tobacco plant has medicinal properties, it also has lethal effects. So, use tobacco wisely to keep the body healthy.


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