What are the Benefits of Kapulaga for Health? Let’s Find Out!

"Kapulaga is believed to be able to relieve depression or reduce stress. Kapulaga has antidepressant properties through the aroma of the essential oil it produces. The aroma has a calming effect."

Published by : Farida  -  01/10/2021 13:37 WIB

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Kapulaga is known to have many benefits for men, from increasing vitality to smooth out the urinary tract. Before understanding these benefits, let’s first find out what kapulaga is.

Kapulaga is a spice from the genera Elettaria and Amomum. Both are in the Zingiberaceae or ginger family. In Indonesian, these plants are often referred to as kapulaga trees, asam salayar, kapulaga Pasifik, kapulaga besar, and many more. This plant is native to Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

Kapulaga is a spice that is quite close to Indonesian cuisine. Kapulaga is used to add a distinctive aroma and spicy taste for several types of cuisine. Gulai is one of the dishes that must use kapulaga. In addition, kapulaga is also used for the manufacture of several types of jamu.

Kapulaga seeds have a characteristically thin outer skin, black inner seeds, triangular cross-section, and generally small seed pods. The benefits of kapulaga seeds for health are numerous. Kapulaga contains nutrients and vitamins, low in calories and low in fat. The properties include protein, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. Not only that, kapulaga also contains chemical elements such as cineol, terpineol, and borneol which are all anti-oxidants, fighting bacteria and viruses.

Kapulaga Benefits

The benefits of kapulaga for men are very diverse. Liputan6.com page mentions kapulaga has aphrodisiac properties, therefore kapulaga is considered capable of increasing sexual drive. Not only that, kapulaga‘s diuretic properties make it great for treating urinary tract problems and maintaining kidney health.

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Not only for men, the benefits of kapulaga can also be felt for all genders. Since ancient times, kapulaga is known as a hypertension drug. The antioxidant and diuretic properties of kapulaga are believed to lower blood pressure.

Kapulaga is also considered to be able to prevent bad breath and cavities. This is related to the anti-bacterial properties of kapulaga. When a person chews kapulaga, the bacteria in the mouth will die so that bad breath will be reduced and the teeth will be healthier. 

Kapulaga is also believed to be able to relieve depression or reduce stress. Kapulaga has antidepressant properties through the aroma of the essential oil produced by kapulaga. The aroma is believed to have a calming sedative effect.

Steeping water from all parts of the kapulaga plant is also believed to relieve fever. Not only that, it can also be used for cough medicine, tonsillitis, irregular menstruation, and heartburn. Aromatic therapy using kapulaga is believed to reduce flatulence, itchy throat, and bad breath.

How to Process Kapulaga

The use of kapulaga as a medicine can be done in various ways. Parts of the plant from leaves, stems, fruit, to seeds can all be used. You can boil the kapulaga plant parts, the fruit, and seeds as needed. To get the benefits of kapulaga, you can add it to food as a flavoring or you can also brew it with warm water. You can also combine kapulaga with other spices, such as cloves, honey, or ginger. Adjust the amount to your taste buds for your favorite drink.

For those of you who prefer a practical way, you can consume processed kapulaga, such as kapulaga powder, dried seeds, kapulaga oil, and many more. Of course, the choice of the processed kapulaga brands is up to your preferences. Look for products that are safe and reliable