Jamupedia is a platform that provide information about Indonesian herbal medicine in lightweight and practical format. Jamupedia is aimed at ordinary readers, so that each content is presented in a popular and easily understandable language.

Along with the website, Jamupedia also develops jamu contents on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Jamupedia also plans to develop jamu contents in various forms and millennial-friendly platforms, such as tours, workshops, comics, children’s story books, board games, and mobile games.

We are still in our first steps, so we need your support. You can support us by like, follow, and subscribe to our various social media channels. We also accept various kinds of content and article contributions. And, of course, we also need constructive criticism and suggestions. No matter how bitter the criticism is, we will consider it a jamu that will nourish us. Send us your thoughts to redaksi@jamupedia.com

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