The Association of Jamu Gendong Kartini, Initiating Innovation for Mutual Progress

The sentra jamu (jamu center) in Karangrejo Village, Kromengan District, Malang Regency, East Java should innovate to expand the range ...[More]

Wedang Uwuh, A Drink Rich in Benefits That Was Created by Accident

Who hasn’t tried wedang uwuh? Wedang uwuh is a quite popular traditional drink. From traditional markets to modern markets, or ...[More]

Ethnomedicine in Serat Centhini & Its Uses in the Modern Era

The Covid pandemic made some people pay more attention to traditional medicine methods. This has caused the term ethnomedicine to ...[More]

- 13 May, 2022

Here Are 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath During Fasting

Bad breath during fasting is often a problem. This can make others uncomfortable and, for people with bad breath, can ...[More]

#, #, #, # - 13 May, 2022

Practice These Tips to Avoid Gastric Acid Reflux During Fasting

The month of Ramadan obliges all able-bodied Muslims to perform fasting for a full month. During fasting, Muslims must resist ...[More]

Acaraki Golden Sparkling, Sipping the Healthy & Refreshing Contemporary Jamu

Acaraki Golden Sparkling is packaged like a fizzy drink in general. The packaging is gold with batik ornaments and the ...[More]

Jamu Ginggang, Original Recipe from a Pakualaman’s Jamu Master

There are many traditional jamu businesses in Indonesia. Each has a background and story in the journey of selling these ...[More]

Fitofarmaka Understanding Types of Clinically Tested Traditional Medicines

The wealth of natural ingredients in Indonesia makes traditional medicinal products very diverse. Since 2004, the Food and Drug Supervisory ...[More]

#, #, #, # - 23 Mar, 2022

Herbatic Healthy & Vegetarian-Friendly Jamu Ice Cream

It was Elok Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslia, Arif Sugianto, Anisa Dian Safitri, and Aryo Dwi Nugroho, students of the Faculty ...[More]

#, # - 02 Dec, 2021

These Are 3 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Pala 

Pala is the pride of Indonesia. This spice is from the Pala Tree (Myristica fragrans), a native tree of Banda ...[More]