Making Jamu the Downstream of the Indonesian Spice Industry

Jamu in Indonesia, which is the nation’s cultural wealth, has now grown into a large strategic industry and has high ...[More]

Refreshing and Healthy, Here’s How to Make Betawi’s Specialty Bir Pletok

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Herbatic Healthy & Vegetarian-Friendly Jamu Ice Cream

It was Elok Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslia, Arif Sugianto, Anisa Dian Safitri, and Aryo Dwi Nugroho, students of the Faculty ...[More]

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A Brief of Kemangi Plant

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3 Simple & Healthy Takjil Menu for Iftar

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Bir Pletok, Won’t Make You Drunk, It’s Rich in Betawi Spices Instead

Bir pletok emerged during the Dutch colonial administration. At that time the Dutch aristocrats had a habit of serving beer, ...[More]

Happy Jamu Day, Jamu Is a Signature of a Mother’s Love

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A New Wave of Jamu at Acaraki

The word jamu is believed to have come from the Old Javanese language: Djampi and Usodo. Djampi means prayer, while ...[More]