Bir Pletok, Won’t Make You Drunk, It’s Rich in Betawi Spices Instead

Bir pletok emerged during the Dutch colonial administration. At that time the Dutch aristocrats had a habit of serving beer, ...[More]

3 Simple & Healthy Takjil Menu for Iftar

Iftar often makes our appetite go ‘crazy’ and pay no attention to the nutrient’s intake of our body. Although sweet ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (7): The Chewy and Savory Bunga Telang Klepon

Hearing the term klepon mentioned, you probably will immediately imagine a cluster of round greed-colored Javanese traditional snacks. This green ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (5): The Tasty Blue Telang Rice

Ever imagine eating a bowl of blue telang rice? A little weird, right? But behind that enchanting blue color, there ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (4): The Refreshing and healthy Telang drinks

A cup of telang tea is priced at around Rp. 30,000 – 40,000 in certain coffee shops. Enjoy it with ...[More]

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Kunyit Asam, a Woman Best Friend

It has been proven that kunyit (turmeric) has medicinal properties. This widely available spice can solve to your problems as ...[More]

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Wedang Serbat, the Nearly Extinct Body Warmer Drink

Wedang serbat has a slightly hot tastes compared to other types of wedang (hot drinks). Serbat has a punchy spicy ...[More]

Lower Cholesterol with Wedang Bajigur

Jamupedia friends, not many people know the benefits of wedang bajigur. most of them only consume bajigur to warm the ...[More]

Bir Plethok, a Resistance Beer from Betawi

The history of bir pletok is told by JJ Rizal, a Betawi historian. Since long time ago Betawi people are ...[More]

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The Many Benefits of Wedang Uwuh

Wedang uwuh is one of the most-loved wedang by the community. The proof is that this hot drink is available ...[More]