Bunga Telang Series (6): Sweet and Soft Telang Layered Pudding

In essence, a pudding is made from milk, yogurt, cornstarch, tapioca, eggs and a mixture of other ingredients. Puddings taste ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (5): The Tasty Blue Telang Rice

Ever imagine eating a bowl of blue telang rice? A little weird, right? But behind that enchanting blue color, there ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (3): Here's How to grow Telang at Home!

Along with its lovely looks, this blue bunga telang is also good for our health. For this reason, telang are ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (2): Often seen around us, it has superb medicinal properties

Do you often see bunga telang? Telang (Clitoria ternatea L., also known in English as Bluepea, Butterfly Pea or Asian ...[More]

Suket Teki Series: Suket Teki for Acne Problems!

Having smooth, clean and glowing skin is the dream of any woman. It boosts her self-confidence. Just a few red ...[More]

Suket Teki Series: It's Not a Nagging Weed, But a Grass for Herbs

KINGDOM Plantae (Plant) DIVISI Magnoliophyta CLASS Liliopsida ORDO Cyperales FAMILI Cyperaceae GENUS Cyperus SPESIES Cyperus rotundus L.   Classification of ...[More]

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Suket teki Series: Suket Teki Herb to Relief Menstrual Pain

Quoted from Halodoc.com,  menstrual or period pain is caused by the shedding of the uterine wall during period. This condition ...[More]

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Suket Teki Series: Suket teki, the Weed That Rich in Benefits

Image source : www.tokopedia.com Accelerates Wound Healing Suket teki/Java grass (Cyperus rotundus) has properties to accelerate the process of blood ...[More]

Suket teki Series: Yes, You Can Turn Suket teki Into Tasty Snack!

In addition to being a medicinal plant, suket teki/Java grass ((Cyperus rotundus) can also be processed into food. Indramayu, a ...[More]