Suket Teki Series: It's Not a Nagging Weed, But a Grass for Herbs

"Many people think that grasses are only nuisance weeds. In fact, not all grass is a nuisance. Some grasses can be used as a medicinal plant or jamu. Suket teki is one of them."

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Plantae (Plant)
DIVISI Magnoliophyta
CLASS Liliopsida
ORDO Cyperales
FAMILI Cyperaceae
GENUS Cyperus
SPESIES Cyperus rotundus L.


Classification of Suket Teki (Cyperus rotundus L.)


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Suket teki/Java grass (Cyperus rotundus L.) is an herbal plant that grows wild in vacant land and around rice fields or swamps and is considered a weed. The suket is native to India, but is also found in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. This plant is easy to find in tropical areas, including Indonesia.

Suket teki lives in various regions to remote parts of Indonesia. In Javanese suket puzzles are called ‘tekan or teki‘. Suket teki also has various names in different regions, including ‘karehawai‘ (Nusa Tenggara), ‘rukut teki wuta‘ (Sulawesi and Makassar).


Image source: https://www.dekoruma.com/

Suket teki is a perennial pseudo plant that is not a member of the grass family. The suket teki has a triangular stem with a height of 10-75 cm. This plant is easily recognized because the flowers are brownish green at the end of the stalk with three yellow stamen buds. The flowers are clustered to form like an umbrella. The fruit is a large conical shape at the base of the stalk and is sometimes curved brown. The leaves are shiny ribbon-shaped consisting of 4-10 strands on each stalk. On old rhizomes there are many shoots that become brown or black tubers. It has a bitter taste with a fragrant aroma. Suket teki tubers are formed for the first time three weeks after growing and form rhizome roots.


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Suket teki can be used as herbal medicine to treat health problems such as stomach cramps, wounds, ulcers, acne, menstrual relievers, blisters and many others.

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