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3 Simple Natural Masks for Dry Skin

Now you can find different facial mask products in the market. The majority of the ingredients are of chemicals products ...[More]

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These Are 3 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Pala 

Pala is the pride of Indonesia. This spice is from the Pala Tree (Myristica fragrans), a native tree of Banda ...[More]

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Kampung Wonolopo: Its Success Story with Jamu Gendong

Kampung Jamu Gendong Wonolopo is located in Sumber Sari Hamlet, Wonolopo Village, Mijen District. The village, which is included in ...[More]

Hey Solo Raya Folks! You Should Visit This Contemporary Jamu Cafe

The contemporary jamu business or it can also be called café jamu (herbal café) is now starting to appear in ...[More]

Stay Healthy, Know the 3 Classification of Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine or natural medicine are medicines that are processed in traditional ways and the raw materials are completely taken ...[More]

Not Only for Cooking, Here Are Healthy Menus with Kapulaga Jawa

Kapulaga Jawa (Javanese cardamom) has the Latin name Amomum Compactum. This plant, which is still in the family with gingers, ...[More]

Simple & Useful, Here’s How to Make Wedang Uwuh

Indonesia has a variety of traditional drinks that are believed to have medicinal properties. One of them which is quite ...[More]

Mengkudu for GERD, Is It Truly Safe?

Mengkudu for GERD will be the focus of this article. Who does not know mengkudu as a medicinal fruit, anyway? ...[More]

Teh Talua, A Minang Egg Tea Specialty to Increase Stamina

Indonesia has various types of traditional drinks or wedang. All of them have their own characteristics and benefits. This time ...[More]

The Story of Irwan Hidayat, the Owner of Sido Muncul Who Was Once Considered as an NGO Manager

Irwan Hidayat, 74 (as of September 2021), who serves as President Director of PT Industri Jamu and Farmasi Sido Muncul ...[More]