Teh Talua, A Minang Egg Tea Specialty to Increase Stamina

"Teh Talua is a typical Indonesian wedang from West Sumatra. This drink, also called Teh Telur, has various properties, especially as a stamina enhancer"

Published by : administrator  -  11/11/2021 16:30 WIB

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Indonesia has various types of traditional drinks or wedang. All of them have their own characteristics and benefits. This time the editorial team will discuss a unique tea called Teh Talua (Talua Tea). This drink, which can also be called teh telur (egg tea), comes from West Sumatra, especially Bukit Tinggi. The key to processing teh talua is the egg mixing technique. If the method of processing eggs is not appropriate, instead of getting a delicious drink, the resulting tea will turn out to have fishy aroma.

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The Beginning of Teh Talua

Teh talua is estimated to have been around since the Dutch colonial era. The Katasumbar.com page, citing a book entitled Teh Talua by Eddi Novra, reveals that Teh Talua has existed since the forced cultivation took place in West Sumatra. At that time forced workers or the public were forbidden to consume coffee like the Dutch drink. This causes people to innovate to make tea from coffee leaves or from tea left over from factory dregs. People then mix the tea with unsold small eggs.

Regardless of which version of the story is correct, it is clear that teh talua is now very popular in West Sumatra. This drink is almost always around in every restaurant. Even teh talua is one of the icons that attracts tourists to visit West Sumatra.

How to Make Teh Talua

To make talua tea, prepare the following ingredients; Tea, Sugar, Cinnamon Powder, egg yolk (chicken or duck), sweetened condensed milk, lime, and enough water. Initially, boil water as needed. Boil or brew tea until the water changes color, then prepare the egg yolks. You can use chicken eggs or duck eggs, according to your taste. Beat egg yolks and sugar until dissolved and foamy. Do it straight in the serving glass. After foaming, pour the tea water into the beaten egg yolks.

For the original version, there are usually two levels of tea produced, where the bottom level is the tea, and the top is the egg yolk. Usually there are also those who add sweetened condensed milk so that the teh talua has three levels. Finally, add lime juice to make the teh talua taste fresher and remove the fishy aroma from the egg yolks. Cinnamon is usually placed on top of talua tea, but there are also those who prefer cinnamon powder mixed with sugar and egg yolks.

Benefits of Talua Tea

Teh Talua is famous in West Sumatra. This drink is believed to increase energy. Therefore, teh talua is usually drunk in the morning before starting the activity. However, teh talua is also suitable to be drunk after a long day at work, so that the body feels warm and the energy returns. teh talua is also believed to increase the stamina of adult men. This energy source is produced from the fat contained in egg yolks. 

Quoted from the Liputan 6 page, teh talua is also good for maintaining eye health. The carotenoids contained in teh talua are believed to be able to overcome eye disorders. teh talua can also be regarded as a source of vitamins. Egg yolks contain at least four types of vitamins, ranging from Vit. A, D, E, and K.