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5 Simple Nail Care Tips with Natural Ingredients

You won’t have instant pretty nail results with natural ingredients. However, they do not have any bad effect to your ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (5): The Tasty Blue Telang Rice

Ever imagine eating a bowl of blue telang rice? A little weird, right? But behind that enchanting blue color, there ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (4): The Refreshing and healthy Telang drinks

A cup of telang tea is priced at around Rp. 30,000 – 40,000 in certain coffee shops. Enjoy it with ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (3): Here's How to grow Telang at Home!

Along with its lovely looks, this blue bunga telang is also good for our health. For this reason, telang are ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (2): Often seen around us, it has superb medicinal properties

Do you often see bunga telang? Telang (Clitoria ternatea L., also known in English as Bluepea, Butterfly Pea or Asian ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Coffee Therapy Aroma Candle? Here's How to Make It!

Coffee has become a part today’s millennial generation lifestyles. Coffee shops are opened in many cities as a place to ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Tidak Hanya Cantik, Wanginya Kenanga Juga Sebagai Aromaterapi

Kenanga (Ylang-ylang) is an essential oil-producing flower that is often used as the basis for fragrances. Kenanga flower comes from ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Nikmati Wangi Lilin Aromaterapi Kayu Manis Buatan Sendiri

Kayu manis (cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum, sin. C zeylanicum), in addition to being used as aromatherapy to relieve stress and fatigue, ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! The Rosemary Aromatherapy as a Fatigue Reliever

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is often used as spices and cooking spices in Indonesia. This plant comes from the European Mediterranean ...[More]

Tapak Dara: The Curing Beauty, just Don’t Consume Too Much of It

Tapak dara/Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) often serves as ornamental house plant. It is a native plant from South America and ...[More]