Don’t Eat, Sri Rejeki leaves is Poisonous!

"You might often find Sri Rejeki or aglaonema as decorative garden plant. It’s pretty in its green leaves with white spots spreading on the surface. Though it looks lovely, you need to be careful. It has harmful properties. "

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Sri Rejeki (Aglaonema commutatum) is a native plant of Florida, North America, and then spread to South America and Hawaii. It suits well in Indonesia, as it lives in the tropics. Sri Rejeki will also grow well on fertile and loose soil with sufficient light. Sri Rejeki has many different types and characteristics.


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In general, Sri Rejeki is a perennial herb, trunked with wood up to 1 m high. The leaves are single, sit alternately and have a petiole base that hugs the stem. The leaves are oblong elongated with white spots. The visual spot of this plant is indeed in its leaves, because it is not only green, but there are red, white, pink and yellow colors. No wonder, if this plant gets the nickname as “Ratu Daun (Queen of Leaves)”. The flowers are shaped like taro flowers that appear in the axils of the leaves. Sri Rejeki has ovoid fruit which is green when young and red or orange when old. The roots are white and shallow.


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All parts of this plant contain Calcium-oxalate crystals formed by a certain protein or asparagine. If the stems and leaves of this plant are consumed or accidentally swallowed, it causes the tongue or mouth to burn to blisters.

However, this plant remains a prima donna as an ornamental plant. Its beauty and diverse colors make this plant always a must-have collection for flower lovers.


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