Bunga Telang Series (7): The Chewy and Savory Bunga Telang Klepon

Hearing the term klepon mentioned, you probably will immediately imagine a cluster of round greed-colored Javanese traditional snacks. This green ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (6): Sweet and Soft Telang Layered Pudding

In essence, a pudding is made from milk, yogurt, cornstarch, tapioca, eggs and a mixture of other ingredients. Puddings taste ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (5): The Tasty Blue Telang Rice

Ever imagine eating a bowl of blue telang rice? A little weird, right? But behind that enchanting blue color, there ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (4): The Refreshing and healthy Telang drinks

A cup of telang tea is priced at around Rp. 30,000 – 40,000 in certain coffee shops. Enjoy it with ...[More]

Bunga Telang Series (3): Here's How to grow Telang at Home!

Along with its lovely looks, this blue bunga telang is also good for our health. For this reason, telang are ...[More]

Don’t Eat, Sri Rejeki leaves is Poisonous!

Sri Rejeki (Aglaonema commutatum) is a native plant of Florida, North America, and then spread to South America and Hawaii. ...[More]

#, #, #, #, # - 23 Mar, 2020

Kembang Sepatu to Cure Mumps

Mumps is a contagious disease. It often attacks children who still haven’t mature immune systems. This virus can spread through ...[More]

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Bunga Melati Herb, an Easy Way to Relieve Bee Stings

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Whether you have a history of allergies or not, bee stings are ...[More]

#, #, #, #, # - 25 Nov, 2019

Bunga Kenop to Relief Boil

Although harmless, boils are very annoying. Boils can grow anywhere and often recur. Boils cause pain in the affected area ...[More]