Bunga Telang Series (5): The Tasty Blue Telang Rice

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Bunga Telang Series (4): The Refreshing and healthy Telang drinks

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Bunga Telang Series (3): Here's How to grow Telang at Home!

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Bunga Telang Series (2): Often seen around us, it has superb medicinal properties

Do you often see bunga telang? Telang (Clitoria ternatea L., also known in English as Bluepea, Butterfly Pea or Asian ...[More]

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2 Simple Ways to Grow Kelor at Home

Kelor (Moringa) will generally grow better at an altitude of 300-500 meters above sea level. This native Himalayas plant can ...[More]

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Growing Medicinal Plants at Home Series: An Easy Way to Grow Belimbing Wuluh in Pots

Belimbing wuluh (Bilimbi, Averrhoa bilimbi) is a family medicinal plant which also doubles as a food taste enhancer. Belimbing wuluh ...[More]