Growing Medicinal Plants at Home Series: An Easy Way to Grow Belimbing Wuluh in Pots

"Belimbing wuluh is good during this pandemic time, because it has a high vitamin C content to boost the immune system. In addition, the fruit is also widely used as medicine or jamu to treat several diseases, such as coughs, colds, rheumatism, tooth cavities, and diabetes."

Published by : administrator  -  02/06/2020 13:10 WIB

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Belimbing wuluh (Bilimbi, Averrhoa bilimbi) is a family medicinal plant which also doubles as a food taste enhancer. Belimbing wuluh is often found planted around the house as a shade as well as for garden decoration. This plant generally grows on soil with an altitude of 500 m above sea level with adequate sunlight. That is why belimbing wuluh thrives in tropical countries such as Indonesia.

In addition, starfruit can also be planted in pots at home. This approach is suitable for Jamupedia friends with restricted spaces and fill your spare time during PSBB (embatasan Sosial Berskala Besar, Large-Scale Social Restrictions).

Then how to grow a belimbing wuluh in a pot? Follow the steps.

  1. Choose a healthy belimbing wuluh plant to grow, you can see it from its fresh-green leaves appearance.
  2. Cut one of the stems. It should be neither too young nor too old.
  3. Soak the cut stems in the stimulant solution. There will be root growth for 1 night.
  4. Prepare a pot or polybag, fill it with a mixture of soil and manure.
  5. Plug the starfruit stem pieces directly into the prepared planting media.
  6. Do watering regularly so that the plant stays moist and not dry.

With us #stayathome, let’s grow medicinal plants and make our own herbs garden at home!



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