Bunga Telang Series (2): Often seen around us, it has superb medicinal properties

"The blue color of bunga telang is increasingly popular. When brewed, it gives off a beautiful natural blue color. Often referred to as blue tea, this drink has many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of bunga telang for our health!"

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Do you often see bunga telang? Telang (Clitoria ternatea L., also known in English as Bluepea, Butterfly Pea or Asian pigeonwings) is one of the many garden plants. The bright blue flowers truly add beauty to the garden.


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As explained in the previous article, bunga telang contain chemical compounds that have medicinal properties. Here are some of them.

  1. Increase Body Endurance

The high content of flavonoids and antioxidants in bunga telang can maintain immunity. Both of these ingredients are also useful as anti-inflammatory agents, which can reduce body temperature when suffering from fever caused by inflammation.

  1. Smooth out Menstruation

Telang are known to be able to smooth menstruation cycle and help increase female fertility, as they can clean darah kotor (bad blood). Telang flowers can also overcome ulcers.

  1. Stimulates Collagen

The flavonoids contained in bunga telang can stimulate collagen production so that it helps maintain and improve skin elasticity.

  1. Increase Metabolism

Telang can increase the effects of norepinephrine, a fat-burning hormone to help prevent weight gain, so that body weight is controlled and metabolism is maintained.

  1. Maintain Eye Health

Bunga telang can make the eyes brighter and also treat redness and eye booger problems.


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  1. Neutralize Digestion system (Detoxification)

Telang tea can eliminate toxins in the body found in digestion from high antioxidants agents.

  1. Improve Mood

This beautiful plant is able to repel the effects of stress and also helps relieve excessive anxiety. In addition, it is also able to refresh the brain to help energize and be happy every day as the result.

  1. Healthy Hair

Bunga telang contain anthocyanins which can increase blood circulation in the head, thereby helping to nourish hair and strengthen hair follicles from within.

  1. Prevent Premature Aging

The high antioxidant content in bunga telang helps to prevent premature aging, so that the skin looks tight and smooth.

  1. Improve Memory

This bunga telang is a natural nootropic that can help improve cognitive function of the brain, potentially improve memory, learning abilities, and relieve stress.

In addition to the above description, there are still a lot of benefits of telang, including: lowering blood sugar, lowering high blood pressure, preventing insomnia, maintain heart health, and nourishing the brain.



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