Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Nikmati Wangi Lilin Aromaterapi Kayu Manis Buatan Sendiri

Kayu manis (cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum, sin. C zeylanicum), in addition to being used as aromatherapy to relieve stress and fatigue, ...[More]

All About Aromatherapy to Rejuvenate Mind and Body

Aromatherapy works through the sense of smell and skin absorption which directly affects the limbic system of the human brain, ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! The Rosemary Aromatherapy as a Fatigue Reliever

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is often used as spices and cooking spices in Indonesia. This plant comes from the European Mediterranean ...[More]

Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Aromatherapy at Home! Relax the Body with Serai Aromatherapy

Serai (lemongrass) or commonly called ‘sereh‘ (Javanese) does have a fragrant aroma. This plant is native to Indonesia and is ...[More]

Tapak Dara: The Curing Beauty, just Don’t Consume Too Much of It

Tapak dara/Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) often serves as ornamental house plant. It is a native plant from South America and ...[More]

Don’t Eat, Sri Rejeki leaves is Poisonous!

Sri Rejeki (Aglaonema commutatum) is a native plant of Florida, North America, and then spread to South America and Hawaii. ...[More]

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Kelor Facial Mask to Avoid Premature Aging

Being in tropical areas, Indonesia is exposed to the sun all the year round. Therefore, you often should use a ...[More]

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5 Benefits of Ciplukan for Beauty from the Inside

Ciplukan has the Latin name Physallis peruviana L. This plant comes from tropical America and is spread to various regions ...[More]

Suket Teki Series: Suket Teki for Acne Problems!

Having smooth, clean and glowing skin is the dream of any woman. It boosts her self-confidence. Just a few red ...[More]

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Kelor, the Wonder Plant

Kelor/Moringa (Moringa oleifera) comes from tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia and is a plant species from the Moringaceae ...[More]