Olive Oil, a Natural Tips for Beautiful Eyelashes

"Long, thick, and beautiful eyelashes can boost your confidence. You might find many ways to get them. Starting from wearing mascara, extensions, lash lift to putting on false eyelashes – though those attempts may ruin the eyelashes. Well, you have another alternative for even more beautiful eyelashes, you can use olive oil!"

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Olive oil can work as a hair strengthener and skin softener. Olive oil is obtained from olive fruit extract. It contains polyphenols as antioxidants that help to avoid free radicals or exposure to pollution and dust when doing outdoor activities. The content of vitamin A and vitamin E can beautify eyelashes naturally. The content of vitamin A in olive oil can help stimulate hair growth and vitamin E makes hair healthy. So, these two components can make eyelashes more beautiful.

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Olive oil itself has an acid content of about 1-3 which is a cholesterol-free oil. That’s why olive oil is superb for hair growth, including eyelashes. Olive oil is also the main source of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for the growth and quality of eyelashes.

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The application is simple too! You just need to prepare olive oil, dip a mascara wand in olive oil and then apply it to your eyelashes at night before going to bed. The next day you can clean it while washing your face.

Choosing to use natural ingredients means that you also have to be patient, because natural ingredients work not instantaneously, but gradually over time. As long as you do it regularly and patiently, you will get amazing results!


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