Jeruk Nipis to Get Rid of Facial Pores

"Large pores just a big no for men and women, and that makes them willing to buy various care products to get rid of the problem. In fact, large pores can be solved with only a fraction of dollar"

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  05/06/2024 10:13 WIB

3 Minutes read.

Having smooth and clean facial skin is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, when you look in the mirror, sometimes you see a variety of facial skin problems, like enlarged pores for an example. Did you ever experience it?

Large pores problem is only happened on people with oily skin types. Although it does not rule out that those with dry or normal skin types cannot suffer from it. In addition, enlarged pores can also be triggered by the use of inappropriate cosmetics, accumulation of dust, wrong diet, or the habit of squeezing pimples and blackheads.

Large pores is usually handled by using a mask specially used for shrinking pores or taking care of it at a beauty clinic. This treatment certainly requires a lot of money. Some people choose to cover large pores by using a foundation and coating it with thick cosmetics. This approach certainly doesn’t solve. Instead of get riding of the problem, using thick foundations and cosmetics can actually worsen your skin condition.

You can treat large pores problem with practical traditional ingredients. All you need to do is to find jeruk nipis (lime). Not for drinking or cooking, but applied to facial skin.

It’s easy to use. Clean your face first using warm water. Split one lime in half. Then apply the lime on the facial skin. But you need to remember, the lime is not recommended for those who have sensitive skin.



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