Simple & Useful, Here’s How to Make Wedang Uwuh

"Having a myriad of herbal benefits, wedang uwuh is suitable for boosting the body's immune system, especially during pandemics and season’s transitions"

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Indonesia has a variety of traditional drinks that are believed to have medicinal properties. One of them which is quite popular is Wedang Uwuh. This drink, which literally means ‘junk drink’, has been consumed since ancient times, especially on the island of Java. The benefits range from warming the body to boosting the immune system and lowering high blood pressure/hypertension.

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Wedang Uwuh comes from the Imogiri area, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The name wedang uwuh itself is taken from its appearance which mixes and brews various types of spices and herbs without being mashed or cut into small pieces, resembling a heap of junk. So, as the Javanese call it, it looks like a pile of uwuh, dry leaf litter.

That the origin of wedang uwuh is said to be from Imogiri for a reason. This is related to a story that occurred during the Mataram Kingdom when it was led by Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma. Quoted from the Kompas.com page, it is said that a long time ago Sultan Agung traveled to find a burial place for the royal family.

The chosen location is a hill located in Imogiri. Sultan Agung is said to have performed meditation at this location to ensure that the place is suitable as a final resting place. During this meditation, at night Sultan Agung asked his guards to make a drink to warms his body. Because it is served at night, the drink accidentally got some dry twigs and leaves from trees around the meditating place. Sultan Agung thought the drink was delicious and ordered his guards to make it again exactly the same. The guard then examined one by one what spices and dried leaves were in the drink. From then on, wedang uwuh was created which is now popular.

How to Make Wedang Uwuh

It is easy to make wedang uwuh. Firstly, prepare ingredients such as ginger, sappan wood, cinnamon, nutmeg leaves, and cloves. Then roast the ginger and clean, slice the ginger into small pieces or crush it until it is flat.

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Boil the ginger until the juice comes out. Add other ingredients in turn. Boil everything for about 10 minutes until the color of the water turns reddish. Before pouring into a glass, put enough rock sugar so that the wedang uwuh tastes sweet and fresh. For sweeteners, you can use other ingredients as desired, such as using honey or other herbal sweeteners.

If you find it difficult to find all the ingredients to make wedang uwuh, you can find ready-to-brewed wedang uwuh package products that are widely sold in traditional markets. With this product, you can make according to the desired portion.

Benefits of Wedang Uwuh

The combination of herbs used in wedang uwuh makes the drink very beneficial for health. Quoted from the Food Detik page, in addition to warming the body, ginger also has anticoagulant properties to reduce blood clots, treat hypertension, and are claimed to increase appetite.

Other ingredients such as nutmeg leaves and cloves are also very useful as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The essential oils contained in these two ingredients are able to normalize blood pressure and soothe the throat.

For those of you who might have the flu, just try to drink wedang uwuh. Although not the main medicine to relieve the flu, at least the cinnamon in wedang uwuh can relieve flu symptoms.

Wedang Uwuh also contains anti-oxidants that can kill and prevent the growth of cancer cells. One of these benefits is obtained from sappanwood. When the weather is uncertain, wedang uwuh can help maintain endurance. Still unsure in the benefits of wedang uwuh? Try it first and feel the benefits.