Not Only for Cooking, Here Are Healthy Menus with Kapulaga Jawa

"Kapulaga Jawa is known as a cooking spice for several types of food, such as gulai, opor, and curry. However, the function of kapulaga Jawa is not only for food seasoning, jamu to cakes can also use the spice."

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Kapulaga Jawa (Javanese cardamom) has the Latin name Amomum Compactum. This plant, which is still in the family with gingers, is known as a seasoning effective to remove fishy smell and give a distinctive flavor to dishes. However, kapulaga Jawa is not limited to being used as a seasoning for cooking. Many other recipes such as jamu, contemporary drinks, to cakes use kapulaga Jawa to give a certain taste.

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The dishes that must use kapulaga Jawa include gulai, curry, and opor. Not only that, most Indian dishes also use kapulaga. Kapulaga gives the menus a distinctive aroma and strong spice taste. No wonder that many people like these menus.

Kapulaga Jawa is an endemic plant from the western part of Java. Referring to Wikipedia, the commercial producers of kapulaga Jawa are West Java and Sumatra. Kapulaga Jawa thrives in areas with high humidity. In Indonesia, there are two types of kapulaga, namely kapulaga Jawa and Kapulaga India/Sabrang (Indian cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum). Kapulaga Jawa is round with a reddish color. Indian cardamom is more oval and greener in color.

Content & Benefits

Kapulaga Jawa contains essential oils and various chemicals that are beneficial for the body, including terpineol, borneol, cineol, protein, sugar, and fat. This content makes kapulaga an expectorant, which means it is able to shed phlegm. Kapulaga‘s carminative properties make it able to reduce gas in the stomach. It is also known to reduce bad breath, itchy throat, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and its antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer.

Healthy Kapulaga Jawa Menus

  • Teh Susu Kapulaga (Cardamom Milk Tea)

In addition to cooking seasonings, of course, kapulaga Jawa is also commonly used for jamu ingredients. It good as a penambah khasiat (efficacy enhancer) of milk or tea drinks. Crush the kapulaga Jawa to taste. Boil whole milk over low heat. Put in the kapulaga Jawa that has been crushed. Wait and stir constantly until it boils. Then mix the steeped tea with cardamom milk. For added taste, you can add milk or date juice.

  • Pisang Merah Kapulaga (Red Bananas with Cardamom) 

As quoted from IDN Times, there is a unique menu called Red Bananas with Cardamom. As the name suggests, this menu uses red banana as the main ingredient. If you can’t find red bananas, Jamupeedia friends can replace them with other types of bananas according to availability. It’s just that this red banana has a unique sweet taste compared to other bananas.

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The menu is easy to make. You just need to cook brown sugar, butter and kapulaga powder. Cook as if you would make a sauce. Once thickened enough add red bananas. Cook until the bananas are tender, serve while warm.

  • Kardemummabullar

Still quoted from IDN Times, this one menu is a typical Swedish spice-rich cake. Prepare the cake dough by adding kapulaga powder, milk, vegetable oil, and yeast. For the cake filling use kapulaga, sugar, butter and a pinch of salt.

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Maybe you can just adopt the main ingredients and process the cake in its own way. The kapulaga mixture makes this cake has a distinctive aroma and is certainly delicious and healthy.

  • Pir Panggang Dengan Kapulaga (Baked Pear with Cardamom)

Still citing the IDN Times. This one menu is practically similar to the Red Banana wit Cardamom, it’s just that this one is baked. Prepare the pears that have been cut as desired. Spread the seasoning made from a mixture of kapulaga, brown sugar, and additional spices according to taste. Once the spices are evenly distributed, bake the pears for about 10 minutes. Serve warm with cream.