Hey Solo Raya Folks! You Should Visit This Contemporary Jamu Cafe

"The contemporary Jamu business is starting to expand, one of the newest ones is Djampi Jawi, which is located in Klaten, Central Java. Djampi Jawi's contemporary jamu drink is processed in a modern and unique way. They use a grinder, rockpresso, to a french press. These tools are used to make jamu more inpressive in people's hearts."

Published by : administrator  -  19/11/2021 10:40 WIB

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The contemporary jamu business or it can also be called café jamu (herbal café) is now starting to appear in various regions in Indonesia. This can be related with the increase of consumers who are looking at traditional options to take care of their health. Apart from the pandemic, information makes the younger generation increasingly use herbs, therefore many innovations are made to jamu preparations to make the younger generation more interested.

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For all Jamupedia friends, especially residents of Solo Raya, who are looking for contemporary jamu drinks or looking for inspiration for the contemporary jamu business, you can try stopping by at Djampi Jawi. A café jamu located at Jalan Mayor Kusmanto 37, Bramen, Sekarsuli, North Klaten, Klaten, Central Java.

Quoted from the Kompas.com page, Djampi Jawi is a business of two graduates of the Surakarta Health Polytechnic majoring in jamu. They are Gus Minging and Santi Stanislausia. The jamu cafe has a vision to bring the legacy of traditional jamu to the present in a modern way.

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Djampi Jawi’s contemporary jamu drink is processed in a modern and unique way. The manager uses tools that are also commonly found in coffee shops. They use a grinder, rockpresso, to a french press. These tools are used to make herbal medicine more impressive in people’s hearts.

On the menu list, Djampi Jawi provides various kinds of jamu menus, including the-must-included mainstream traditional jamu menus. In addition, there are milk-based menus which uses milk, then espresso-based which of course uses coffee. The names of the Djampi Jawi menus are also unique, there is a Pelukan Wangi (lit. Fragrant Hug) consisting of milk, ginger, and pandan leaves. There is also the Uji Nyali Sis (Test your mental, sis) which is an extract of sambiloto (bitter leaves, Andrographis paniculate), and the Uji Nyali Bro (Test mental, bro) which is an extract of brotowali (ambervel, Tinospora cordifolia). For those of you who are on a diet, you can order a Penggempur Lemak (fat crusher).

Sumber: djampijawi.com

As originally intended to modernize jamu, Djampi Jawi is also active on social media using the Instagram account @Djampijawi.id. Through this account Djampi Jawi maximizes sales by offering online sales. The services offered are not only contemporary jamu menus, such as when consuming on the spot. In the digital realm they offer hamper packages. There are hampers for gifts to hampers for self-isolation during pandemic. Jamupedia friends can see the latest details and updates on Djampi Jawi‘s Instagram account. They receive orders from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and others.

In addition to serving contemporary jamu drinks, Djampi Jawi also offers food menu ranging from snacks, heavy meals, to ice cream. In the menu list there is a unique menu of Nasi Goreng Daun Jeruk (Jeruk Leaf Fried Rice) which can use white rice or brown rice. There is also a Nasi Goreng Jagung (Corn Fried Rice) menu. In terms of snacks, there are also unique ones, such as Cireng Pelangi and Javaneshe Mochi. Curious about Javanese Mochi? Just drop by to Djampi Jawi. For ice cream lovers, you can taste a unique sensation of Djampi-Gato menu, this menu will combine rainbow ice cream with the signature menu at Djampi Jawi as a topping.

Djampi Jawi also has a noble goal to preserve jamu. Quoted from the Tribun Jogja page, one of the founders of Djampi Jawi, Gus Minging, said that in the future their efforts will educate and produce Indonesian jamu baristas.