Stay Healthy, Know the 3 Classification of Traditional Medicine

"There are many traditional or natural medicines on the market. However, is everything on the market safe and suitable for us? To be safer when consuming them, you should understand the classification of traditional medicines according to BPOM"

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Traditional medicine or natural medicine are medicines that are processed in traditional ways and the raw materials are completely taken from natural sources. Traditional medicine has existed and has been used by the people of the archipelago since ancient times. Now, traditional medicinal products have varied, various trademarks have emerged, ranging from home to international scale. Therefore, supervision is needed from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM, Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan) to ensure that all traditional medicines circulating in the market are safe for consumption and are truly efficacious.

BPOM Tarik 7 Merk Abal-Abal
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Based on Presidential Regulation (PP, Peraturan Presiden) Number 80 of 2017 concerning BPOM, the main task of BPOM is to supervise drugs and food in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations. Drugs and food referred to in the PP are drugs, medicinal ingredients, narcotics, psychotropics, precursors, addictive substances, traditional medicines, health supplements, cosmetics, and processed food.

From this task, BPOM finally issued a classification of traditional medicines into 3 types. This is stated in the Decree of the Head of BPOM of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK. concerning the Basic Provisions for the Grouping and Marking of Indonesian Natural Drugs. The three classifications of traditional medicine include Jamu, Obat Herbal Terstandar (OHT), and Fitofarmaka.


Jamu can be included in the classification of traditional medicine if it is safe for consumption and efficacious. According to BPOM, these two things must be proven traditionally with general and medium levels of evidence. In herbal medicine packaging, the efficacy claim must explain that the efficacy is obtained by traditional processing, for example using a sentence like this ‘Secara tradisional digunakan untuk….(Traditionally used for….)’

Herbal medicine that has been certified by BPOM must include a logo that reads jamu and a picture of a leaf-branch inside a circle. The logo is printed in green on white or another color that contrasts with the logo color. For the position of the logo, it is recommended that it be printed on the top left of the herbal medicine packaging. The logo has been used since 2004, for jamu products that have been certified before 2004 are still allowed to use the old logo.

OBAT HERBAL TERSTANDAR (Standardized Herbal Medicine)

Obat Herbal Terstandar or OHT are safe traditional medicines, the efficacy of which is claimed to have been scientifically or pre-clinically proven. Not only related to the results, traditional medicine manufacturers who want to get OHT must be able to standardize the raw materials used. It aims to meet quality requirements. The type of claim for OHT efficacy must match the general and medium level of evidence.

OHT traditional medicine must inscribe Obat Herbal Terstandar on the package. In addition, there should also be a logo in the form of three pairs of leaf in a circle. Just like the jamu logo, the OHT logo is printed in green on white or another color that contrasts with green. The OHT description on the product packaging must be clearly visible.


Fitofarmaka traditional medicine must be safe according to the set requirements. Claims of efficacy must be scientifically proven or pre-clinical. Must have gone through standardization of raw materials used in finished products. Must meet applicable quality requirements. The types of efficacy claims are in accordance with the medium and high level of evidence. 

Traditional medicines certified as Fitofarmaka must include the words Fitofarmaka. In addition, you have to put a logo in the form of the of the star-shaped leaf radius in a circle. The main color of the logo is green on a white base or some other contrasting color.

Those are three types of traditional medicine that are certified by BPOM. The three classifications of traditional medicines are those that are safe for consumption, efficacious, and of course legal to sell. If there are traditional medicines that are not included in the three classifications, it is feared that there will be hazardous materials used and their efficacy cannot be guaranteed. Use traditional medicine wisely.