Suket Teki Series: Suket Teki for Acne Problems!

Having smooth, clean and glowing skin is the dream of any woman. It boosts her self-confidence. Just a few red ...[More]

Suket Teki Series: It's Not a Nagging Weed, But a Grass for Herbs

KINGDOM Plantae (Plant) DIVISI Magnoliophyta CLASS Liliopsida ORDO Cyperales FAMILI Cyperaceae GENUS Cyperus SPESIES Cyperus rotundus L.   Classification of ...[More]

Suket Teki Series: What are Properties in Suket Teki?

Phytochemical studies on suket teki/Java grass (Cyperus rotundus) revealed the presence of several chemicals contained in it, namely alkaloids, flavonoids, ...[More]