Bir Pletok, Won’t Make You Drunk, It’s Rich in Betawi Spices Instead

Bir pletok emerged during the Dutch colonial administration. At that time the Dutch aristocrats had a habit of serving beer, ...[More]

Not Only Refreshing, Kolang-kaling is Also Healthy

Kolang-kaling comes from the seeds of the aren (Arenga pinnata). In Indonesia, the tree has several names, including ‘hana’, ‘pululuk, ...[More]

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Come, Enjoy the Yummy Grontol Jagung at Pasar Gede Solo

Grontol jagung is a dish made from boiled peeled-corn, sprinkled with grated coconut and a little salt on top. The ...[More]

The Philosophy of Polo Kependem for the Javanese Society & Its Benefits for the Human Body

There are various polo kependhem, such as cassava, sweet potato, uwi (Dioscorea alata), gembili (Dioscorea esculenta), suwek (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius), taro, ...[More]