The Story Behind Tobacco, The Cigarette Ingredients Which Also serves as Medicine!

"Tobacco is the main ingredients for cigarettes. Some hate the stuff, while the others puff the thing lovingly in their leisure time as their most loyal friend. Not known to many, tobacco also has positive properties -as medicine!"

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The word tembakau in Bahasa Indonesia came from a Spanish word “tobacco.” This word, in turn, is derived from Arawakan language of Taino varian in the Caribbean. Tobacco in Indonesia is a plantation commodity which generates huge amount of rupiah. There are so many select tobacco farmers for abroad consumers in the country. Tobacco is also often regarded as “green gold” for its high price. Not only that, tobacco is now also loved by local young smokers their self-rolled cigarettes style or commonly called “tingwe: nglinting dewe”. It’s a new trend, as in the past tingwe was synonymous with old people’s habits. However, young people are now following the habits as a way to get around the increasingly expensive cigarette prices.


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If traced, you can find many tobacco-producing areas in Indonesia. However, there are only five world-class tobacco producing regions in Indonesia. First, Temanggung, a small town in Central Java which is also nicknamed “tobacco paradise” for its super quality tobacco. Second, Deli, a city that was dubbed “Dollar Land” in the Colonial era because it was able to produce tobacco with a delicious and savory taste. Third, Lombok, this city in East Nusa Tenggara is known for fragrant aroma tobacco and is favored by kretek cigarette lovers. The fourth is an East Java’s region of Jember, where its tobacco has distinctive aroma with a and well-known for its elasticity, makes it suitable as a cigar wrapper. Fifth, Madura, one of the small islands in Indonesia that produces selected tobaccos.


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 Facts About Tobacco in Medicine World

Scientifically, tobacco contains the highly addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine as well as harmala alkaloids. Almost every part of tobacco contains nicotine in different concentrations. These include leaves (64%), stems (18%), roots (13%), and flowers (5%). It is proven that the leaf content in tobacco has the highest nicotine concentration, especially dry leaves, which can be used as raw materials for cigarettes, cigars, or shisha. Tobacco itself can be consumed by chewing, dipping, or smoking.

From the properties, tobacco can also be used as a medicine to cure diseases. Here are some of the benefits of tobacco as a medicinal ingredient.

  1. In India, tobacco is used as a pain reliever for earaches, toothaches, and as a tapal (a thick liquid medicine).
  2. Nicotine is believed to help relieve pain and remove poison from insect and snake bites.
  3. Nicotine from the effects of smoking is believed to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, ADHD/ADD and other mental disorders.
  4. Tobacco powder can be used as toothpaste.
  5. A mixture of tobacco and Leptotaenia multifida can treat colds and coughs.
  6. Tobacco leaf mash can treat skin rashes, eczema, and rheumatism.
  7. According to LIPI, tobacco can produce anticancer proteins.

Well, from this short article, it can be concluded that tobacco does not contain only negative elements but also positive properties. Therefore, use tobacco wisely for the benefit of your health.