What are the Benefits of Kapulaga for Health? Let’s Find Out!

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Good for Health, These Are the Anti-Mainstream Traditional Indonesian Drinks

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Know the Types of Jahe So That You Won’t Get It Wrong

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# - 01 Oct, 2021

Jamu Uyup-Uyup, Is It Only for Breast Milk Booster?

Jamu uyup-uyup has diverse benefits. However, the people probably are more familiar with jamu uyup-uyup as booster of breast milk ...[More]

Mengkudu, Herbs with Myriad Medicinal Benefits

Mengkudu (Noni) is a fruit with scientific name Morinda citrifolia. This fruit is known to have an unpleasant odor and ...[More]

- 24 Sep, 2021

‘Kitab’ Mustikarasa Indonesia Real Evidence of Soekarno’s Seriousness in Working on the Indonesian Food Sector

Mustikarasa is the most complete collection of Indonesian recipes from Sabang to Merauke inherited from President Soekarno. The book, which ...[More]

- 24 Sep, 2021

Safe Steps to Make Household-Scale Jamu

Jamu has been a part of Indonesian society for thousands of years. Jamu become health herbs inherited from our ancestors ...[More]

A Brief of Kemangi Plant

During our lunch with grilled chicken or fried chicken, we often find kemangi leaves as a complement or salad. The ...[More]

Bir Pletok, Won’t Make You Drunk, It’s Rich in Betawi Spices Instead

Bir pletok emerged during the Dutch colonial administration. At that time the Dutch aristocrats had a habit of serving beer, ...[More]

3 Simple & Healthy Takjil Menu for Iftar

Iftar often makes our appetite go ‘crazy’ and pay no attention to the nutrient’s intake of our body. Although sweet ...[More]