5 Benefits of Kluwek, From Spices to Preservatives

"Kluwek is a spice that must go through a long process before it is ready to be used. The process resulted a spice with a myriad of benefits"

Published by : Farida  -  21/10/2021 08:26 WIB

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The benefits of kluwek are diverse, aside of its jet-black look, kluwek is able to turn food into a distinctive taste loved by many. Kluwek has various names, in Sunda it is called picung or pucung, in Java it is called kluwak, there is also kluwek, in Toraja it is called pamarasan, in Bali it is often called Pakem, and in Minangkabau it is known as simaung.

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Kluwek is a plant with the Latin name Pangium edule, a member of the Achariaceae family. Quoted from the Kompas.com page, which compiles information from the book Sehat dengan Rempah dan Bumbu Dapur (Healthy with Kitchen Spices and Spices), kluwek is obtained from the seeds of the picung fruit. Picung plants grow at an altitude of 300-1000 meters above sea level (masl). This plant can grow in any soil conditions, in one fruit there are usually 20 to 30 seeds.

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We cannot immediately use kluwek after separating it from the fruit. This is because kluwek seeds contain gynocardin which can easily release the toxic cyanide. In certain level, if ingested or inhaled, it can cause dizziness, nausea, and even death if the quantity is greater.

Kluwek, commonly used as a spice, is usually taken from the dried or rotten picung fruit. To have the end product of a ready-to-use kluwek, the seeds first should be washed clean and boiled. The Dikti (Pendidikan Tinggi, Higher Education) official website explains that after being boiled and drained, kluwek seeds must still be buried in ashes for at least 40 days. This is not only to completely get riding of the cyanide acid, but also to bring out the distinctive taste of kluwek seeds.

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The kluwek that is sold is usually the toxic-free product. Kluwek is usually black-brown in color, when the outer skin is opened there is a seed flesh which is more concentrated in color like dark red-black. Kluwek contains a substance called glutamic which is commonly found in seasonings, which is the reason why kluwek can make dishes taste delicious. In addition, as published on the Hello Sehat page, kluwek contains various substances that are beneficial to the body, including iron, vitamin C, vitamin B1, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium.

Of the various properties, kluwek has a myriad of benefits, both for health or to facilitate daily activities. What are the benefits of kluwek?

Maintain Body Immunity & Skin Health

The Klik Dokter page explains that the Vitamin C in kluwek makes it good for improving the immune system. Not only that, Vitamin C also accelerates the regeneration of cells to make skin fresher and cleaner.

Prevent Anemia

The iron in kluwek is good for the production of red blood cells. Iron is one of the nutrients needed to prevent anemia.

Anthelmintic& Treating Burns

The antiseptic and disinfectant properties of kluwek are also good for treating burns. In addition, antimicrobial properties are also considered to be able to overcome pinworms that interfere with the digestive system.

Preserving meat or fish

The antimicrobial properties of kluwek enable it acts as a fish or meat preservative. Kluwek is considered more economical and safer than formalin, so many fishermen use kluwek to preserve fish. Fish or meat preserved using kluwek can stay fresh for up to six days.

Helps Relieve Skin Diseases

Quoted from Hello Sehat, a study conducted by Diah Irawati Dwi Arini from the Manado Forestry Research Institute revealed that kluwek can be applied as a supportive therapy for leprosy and other skin diseases. The benefits arise from the cyclic fatty acids in kluwek. The acid is also good for preventing infection.

That’s a series of benefits of kluwek, this spice is one proof of natural wealth in Indonesia. Want to know the benefits of other native Indonesian spices? Stay tuned for the latest content from us.