Afraid of Goat Meat? Try This Jamu!

"Eid al-Adha means lots of goat meat dishes, mainly in Java. Goat meat is served in various menus, ranging from satay, curry, rendang, stews, tongseng, tengkleng and others. Goat meat gets cholesterol levels rise, but there are herbs that help you enjoying goat meat dishes without having to worry about cholesterol spikes "

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  05/04/2024 10:15 WIB

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According to the website of the American food watchdog, the USDA, every 100 grams of goat meat contains 27 grams of protein, 143 kcal calories, 3 grams of fat. As a note, goat meat fat can protect cell walls and support the body’s metabolism. Goat meat also contains iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. Protein and substances contained in goat are needed by the body, but the cholesterol content of the meat is quite high, amounting to 75 mg.

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Cholesterol is actually not dangerous. Cholesterol helps the body produce vitamin D, as well as a number of hormones and acids that function to digest fat. Cholesterol in enough amount help build new cells so that the body can function properly. However, if you eat too much goat meat it could lead an increase in cholesterol levels.

If you worried about the increasing cholesterol levels, you can prevent it by drinking jamu temulawak and sambiloto. The method is easy, namely by blendering 30 grams of temulawak/white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria) and 7 cloves of garlic. Then boil it with 2 fingers of tamarind, 30 grams leaves of Sambiloto/bitter leaves (Andrographis paniculate), and 3 glasses of water. It will be even better if you boil it in a clay pot. You may drink this jamu 2 times a day, 3/4 glass of jamu each. Drink the jamu regularly to prevent excess cholesterol in the body and maintain your body health.



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