Akar Wangi for a Homemade Natural Mouthwash

"In a corner of a cafe, two people are talking while enjoying their cups of coffee. As one of them speaks, the other person looks uncomfortable. He leaned away from the person. Every now and then his hands cover his nose imperceptibly. Have you ever experienced the situation? Our partner is distant, uncomfortable, and wants to end the conversation immediately. What is the reason? It could be because of bad breath problems. Let's find a solution."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  08/05/2020 14:06 WIB

3 Minutes read.

A chat is a way to release the burdening thoughts or just look for new energy. For most of us, it’s important to our life. We cannot be separated from the social interactions. But sometimes the chats won’t go as planned because of bad breath for one of the parties.

Bad breath can be caused by several factors, such as oral health, digestive tract disorders, smoking habits, consumption of certain foods or drinks, and so on. Even though it’s not a serious problem, bad breath can lower one’s self-confidence and make other people uncomfortable.

So what to do? Primarily, you have to keep your teeth and mouth clean so that there are no germs and bacteria to trigger bad breath. In addition, you can also try to make a natural mouthwash.

It’s easy, just provide enough akar wangi (Chrysopogon zizanioides, also known as khus or vetiver), 2 betel leaf, 1 handful of pegagan/gotu kola, 6 pieces of cardamom, and 110 ml of water. Boil all the ingredients then wait for it to boil. Then cool and filter the water. You can use the water for gargling. Not only does bad breath disappear, this herb can prevent inflammation of the mouth and clean teeth from plaque as well.



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