Daun Sirih, Superb Leaves to Treat Leucorrhoea

"Apart from period problems, Leucorrhoea (abnormal vaginal discharge) is one of the things that often worries women. In fact, vaginal discharge is a natural and natural condition experienced by a woman. Leucorrhoea is the body's natural way of working to maintain the cleanliness and moisture of the female organs by removing mucus or fluids. which carry dead cells and bacteria so that the vagina remains protected from infection. Vaginal discharge will be a problem if it shows unusual inconvenient symptoms. "

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  03/05/2024 08:31 WIB

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Leucorrhoea is the abnormal discharge from the uterus through the vagina. Vaginal discharge is normal when the amount of liquid that comes out is relatively small, clear, and odorless. However, if the amount of fluid released is excessive, cloudy, and smelly, vaginal discharge is often an indication of a reproductive organ health problem, the leucorrhoea itself. Generally, it is caused by a lack of vaginal hygiene so that bacteria, viruses, and fungi thrive.

Leucorrhoea in women cannot be underestimated. It could indicate an infection or other disease related to the reproductive organs, such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or cervical cancer. However, many women are ignorant and are not aware of this problem.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea include a large amount of fishy-smelling vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, pelvic pain, pain when urinating, and bleeding between menstrual cycles and during intercourse. If you experience vaginal discharge with the symptoms above, treat it immediately before it’s too late.

Leucorrhoea must be treated immediately so that the effect is not prolonged. In doing the treatment, remember that the nature of the vagina is very sensitive, therefore use the safe method. If you prfere traditional approach, you might need to try using betel leaf herb. Betel leaf brew is believed to kill bacteria due to infection. Boil a few betel leaves then use the boiled water to wash the vagina after urinating. Do this treatment every day until the discharge heals. In addition to washing the vagina, betel leaf stew can also be drunk one glass a day.

You can also prevent vaginal discharge by maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding wearing tight pants, avoiding humid conditions, changing sanitary napkins frequently during menstruation, washing the vagina from the front towards the anus and drying it, and not changing partners.


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