Jeruk Nipis, an Easy Way to Get Rid of Throat Mucus

"Uhuk-uhuuk ... it has been a week and the cough hasn’t subsided yet, the throat feels itchy and something slimy is stuck in it, the voice gets hoarse, and it feels like mucus is trapped in the throat. Ever had the conditions?"

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  07/06/2024 10:19 WIB

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The body produces mucus as a protector and to maintain moisture in areas of the body. It contains antibodies to fight infection, and prevents dust or bacteria from entering the body. However, if mucus is overproduced, it won’t feel uncomfortable.

A part of the body that often has problems with mucus is the throat. A slimy throat can be caused by 3 things, namely infection, irritation, and allergies. Generally, if someone is suffering from allergies it is advisable to avoid cold air and not to drink cold drinks.

Avoiding the weather and cold drinks is a way to reduce excess mucus production in the throat. In addition, there are several other ways to treat a slimy throat. These methods include humidifying the air, consuming lots of water, consuming respiratory health stimulants, gargling with salt water, using eucalyptus oil, and taking medicine.

In addition to the several methods that have been described, there is one more way to get rid of mucus in the throat, namely by using jeruk nipis (lime). The content of vitamins A, B, C, and phosphorus, calcium, and flavonoids in jeruk nipis is believed to be able to treat various types of diseases in our body, including a slimy throat.

For the purpose, you just need to provide two jeruk nipis and salt to taste. Split the lime in half and squeeze the water into the glass. Put in salt into the juice and mix well before consumption.

This throat treatment is not recommended for people with gastritis or other stomach ailments. This is because the acid in jeruk nipis can trigger a recurrence of gastritis or other diseases related to the stomach.