Kayu Putih to Get Rid of Insomnia

"Sleeping restore our stamina after long hours of work. Almost all of us expect a good night's sleep. However, for people with insomnia, sleeping is a luxury that needs to be worked on."

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  26/04/2024 08:11 WIB

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According to health experts, the optimum sleep duration is 7 to 8 hours per day. However, the recommended sleep time also depends on each individual’s age. For example, recommendations for the sleep time for toddlers and adolescents will have very different duration. Toddlers need 11-14 hours, while for teenagers, the required duration is around 8-10 hours.

Sleep is a natural activity for everyone. It is not difficult to rest physically by relaxing your eyes closed and sleep. Especially after a full day of activities, it is generally easier for a person to sleep because his body is tired. Unfortunately, some people with insomnia disorder find it difficult to sleep even though they have enough time to do so.

Some of the causes of insomnia including stress, poor sleep habits, caffeine and alcohol, overeating, drug use, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Well, if you suffer from insomnia and having one or any of the habits, you might need to start stopping them.

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In addition to stopping the bad habits, you can also treat insomnia with herbal ingredients. One of them is by using kayu putih/cajuputi (Melaleuca cajuputi). The substances in eucalyptus is believed to be able to reduce insomnia problem. The herb is easy to make and you can mix it yourself at home, just follow the steps.


  • 9 g dry kayu putih bark
  • 2 glasses of water

How to make:

  1. Clean the kayu putih bark and cut into small pieces
  2. Boil it in water until it leaves only 1 cup of water
  3. Filter the water
  4. Drink ½ cup, 2 times a day

That’s is it, a simple insomnia herb you can make it yourself at home. Along with the treatment, of course, you also need to avoid the various causes.



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