Kerokan: Facts and Myths

"Kerokan is a popular traditional therapy widely practiced in various regions in Indonesia, mainly in Java areas. Like to see some interesting facts and myths about kerokan? Here’s some for you"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  25/11/2020 11:33 WIB

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As one of the popular traditional therapy in local community, there are many information about kerokan (coin rubbing) circulate around in the community. To find out the truth (or wrong) of the information, check the facts and myths about kerokan below.


Image source: kitakini.news


  1. Kerokan is not only a type of alternative health therapy in Indonesia. Kerokan is also known in several Asian countries as different names. Kerokan in Vietnam is known as cao gio, in Cambodia it is called goh kyol, and in China it is called gua sha.
  2. Kerokan cannot cure masuk angin and there is no term masuk angin in the medical world. The term masuk angin refers to the condition of the nausea, bloating, fever, or flu.
  3. kerokan will not cause irritation to the skin if done properly. In fact, kerokan can improve blood circulation if they pass through acupuncture points on the body.
  4. The recommended directions for the kerokan are parallel to the spine, parallel to the shoulders, and sideways.
  5. Not all people are allowed to do kerokan. In certain conditions, a person is not advised to do coin rubbing, for example when the skin condition is not healthy (eczema, sunburn, acne, bacterial and fungal infections). In addition, people with diabetes mellitus are not recommended for coin rubbing, as minor wounds caused by kerokan may introduce a new problem, because generally diabetic wounds are difficult to heal.
  6. It is not advisable to take a shower after kerokan, because the body will be shocked by the drastic change in temperature.
  7. It is not recommended to do kerokan for pregnant women because the process can produce prostaglandine hormones which can cause contractions.
  8. Children can also do kerokan However, it is much better if you use shallots as a rubbing medium to avoid irritation or injury to the child’s skin.
  9. Kerokan induces inflammation on the surface of the skin and dilate blood vessels.


  1. Kerokan can cure masuk angin. In fact, most people believe that the gas in the body can come out of the rubbed off skin pores. The darker the red marks, the more gas will blow out.
  2. Kerokan can be applied to almost any part of the body to treat colds. Kerokan should not be done in certain parts of the body, as it can harm internal organs.
  3. Kerokan on the neck can treat headaches and toothaches.

Those are facts and myths of kerokan that are often quoted today. And now you know the truth behind kerokan. Although kerokan do not cure masuk angin, it can make our bodies relaxer and it also boosts our immune system.