Rice Substitute Series (2): "Not only a substitute for rice, kentang are also rich in nutrients."

"Kentang is a favorite food source of many people. This food source, which is usually processed into a soup, fried potatoes, donuts and snacks, is perfect as a substitute for rice. Along with its stomach-filling properties, kentang are also healthy!"

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Kentang (potatoes) originated in South America and spread to the European continent. Even now kentang are consumed daily as staple food. Historically, kentang were introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese to Indonesia. Similar to Europeans, Indonesia considers potatoes as a luxury food, because it is very nutritious for the body.

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Kentang can be an alternative to rice to fulfill carbohydrates’ needs. Not only carbohydrates, potatoes also contain fiber, protein, antioxidants, potassium, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Compared to rice, kentang have a lower sugar content, so they are safe for consumption by diabetics and those who are on a diet.

As a substitute of rice, kentang can be enjoyed by boiling, steaming, and roasting. Kentang contains fiber which functions as a food reserve in the body and makes a full stomach last longer. In addition to being the main food, kentang are also often processed into snacks that you often enjoy when hanging out in a cafe or restaurant. Yes, kentang goreng (fried potatoes) with various flavors, such as fried potatoes with balado flavor, cheese, grilled corn flavors and so on, enjoyed with sauce and mayonnaise to add a little more punch to our taste buds.


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Kentang also have positive benefits for health and beauty. Here are the benefits.

  1. Get Rid of Dry Skin

Kentang help to moisturize dry skin and nourish the skin. You can use kentang as a mask and apply it to dry skin regularly 2-3 times a week. Not only that, kentang are also used as a toner for a natural facial freshener.

  1. Remove Panda Eyes

Kentang is proven to be effective in removing dark circles around the eyes as it has naturally lightening properties. Just cut the kentang into thin strips or make it juice and then place it on the eye circle area. Do it regularly 2-3 times a week.

  1. Smooth out Digestion Processes

Kentang has fiber good for digestion. Consuming enough fibrous food source also prevents certain types of cancer, especially in the colon and helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels

  1. Maintain Heart Function

Carotenoids in potatoes can help maintain heart function properly. Vitamins C and B6 work as an antidote to free radicals in heart cells and other body cells.

  1. Control Blood Sugar

Kentang are known as resistant starch which is completely absorbed by the body. This resistant starch will improve blood sugar control so it is safe for consumption every day. But you should consume it cold.