Slim & Healthy with Daun Jati Belanda

"Daun Jati Belanda Herbs are known as slimming herbs. This fact is supported by a study which states daun jati Belanda has a mucus substance containing fiber to facilitate smoother defecation processes"

Published by : Wahyu untara  -  22/05/2024 16:31 WIB

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Daun jati Belanda (leaves of bastard cedar, Guazuma ulmifolia) contain tannins to reduce food absorption. According to experts, daun jati Belanda can reduce body weight, because they contain resin compounds, alkaloids and tanning substances. These three compounds can limit or control the production of fat in the body.

To get a slim body with daun jati Belanda, leaves are usually made into jamu or tea. To make jamu daun jati Belanda, follow the recipe.


  • 7 leaves of daun jati Belanda
  • 1 ginger
  • 1 temulawak (Java ginger, Curcuma zanthorrhiza )
  • 450 cc of water

How to make:

  1. Wash all ingredients.
  2. Boil with 450 cc of water until remained 350 cc.
  3. Let stand until it warm and strain the water

Meanwhile, it’s easier to make daun jati Belanda tea! Prepare 2 fresh leaves daun Jati Belanda and cut into small pieces. Boil the leaves with 3 cups of water and the water remaining half of the original measure. Add sugar to taste and strain the water. Drink regularly 2-3 times a day.



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