The Right Way to Consume Jamu for Children? Here’s the Simple Guidelines

""At what age can children consume herbal medicine? Is it OK for a toddler to drink jamu? Or at their first grade? Is it safe for a child to consume jamu?""

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  10/12/2020 08:50 WIB

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Consuming jamu has been a hereditary habit for the people of Indonesia. Jamu is a popular alternative treatment, as it uses natural ingredients and is relatively more affordable -although the benefits cannot be felt instantly. The use of jamu, in addition to treating certain types of diseases, is also to maintain the body’s immune system, so that it does not get sick easily.

The habit of drinking jamu is often passed on by parents to their children. But the basic question is still this: is it safe if the jamu is consumed by children and from what age can a child be given jamu?


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Quoted from hellosehat.com, Dr. Aldrin Nelwan, Head of the Integrative Medicine Unit at Darmais Hospital Jakarta, explained that children aged 6 months can be given jamu. Even so, giving jamu to children must pay attention to the dosage (on packaged jamu) to avoid side effects.

Head of the Directorate of Traditional Medicine Supervision of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Drs. Ketut Ristunjuk, Apt. quoted from hellosehat.com explaining that if you want to give jamu to children under 12 years of age, you should give a dose of half the adult dose. As for children under five, give a half dose of children under 12 years of age.

However, before giving jamu to babies and children, parents must really pay attention to the ingredients and the composition of their jamu. Maintaining the cleanliness of the materials used, storage areas, and cleanliness when processing them must also be considered properly. The important thing to remember is to avoid taking jamu at the same time as taking certain drugs to avoid unwanted things.

Jamu consumption has various benefits. It can increase appetite, relieving symptoms of disease, relieving pain, increasing endurance, to prevent children from dependence on modern industrial medicines. As we all know, taking pharmaceutical/industrial medicines regularly may cause bad side effects for our bodies. However, keep in mind that jamu is not an instant cure. Jamu is a holistic therapy that must be consumed regularly to maintain the immune system so that the children are not susceptible to diseases.