5 Simple Nail Care Tips with Natural Ingredients

"Having beautiful nails is every woman’s dream. And to get it, not a few go to the salon to do an expensive manicure and nail treatment. There are also those who add nail polish with various cute characters. A little additional budget is not a problem, as long as the nails look beautiful. But it turns out that there are ways to take care of your nails easily and affordably with natural ingredients!"

Published by : administrator  -  17/12/2020 15:51 WIB

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You won’t have instant pretty nail results with natural ingredients. However, they do not have any bad effect to your nails and, actually, can provide good benefits if done regularly.


Image source: www.klikdokter.com

Then how to do nail care with natural ingredients? Here are the tips!

  1. Rub nails with garlic to moisturize, make them appear shiny, and strengthen nails.
  2. Eat foods that contain calcium such as milk or yogurt to treat nails from the internal.
  3. Soak nails with salt and lemon juice to reduce nail dullness and restore shine and kill germs/bacteria on nails.
  4. Rub nails with olive oil to strengthen nail tissue and health, and keep nails smell good.
  5. Rub the nails with starfruit to make them look shiny.

Well, you can easily do the 5 tips above at home. So, like to try now?