A Closer Look at Mahkota Dewa (Part 2)

"Mahkota dewa is an herbal plant originating from Eastern Indonesia, the Papua region. This plant has bright red fruit and dark green leaves whose properties are proven to significantly cure various diseases and so demanded in the local herbal market. So, is the claim true or is it just an advertisement scheme?"

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In the previous article, it was explained that the properties of mahkota dewa can cure various diseases. Here are the benefits of the mahkota dewa for curing diseases around us.

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  1. Headache

The bioactive properties and extract of the mahkota dewa acts as an analgesic or pain reliever so that it can also reduce headache pain.

  1. Flu and Cough

The polyphenol in the fruit of the mahkota dewa functions as an antioxidant and it’s good for maintaining endurance. This fruit also contains saponin compounds that act as antioxidants to increase immunity and body immunity. The phenol in the fruit has antiseptic properties to get rid of  bacteria that cause colds and coughs.

  1. Diarrhea

The strong alkaloid content in the mahkota dewa can help treat diarrhea. The mahkota dewa can also remove toxins in the body’s digestion system that cause diarrhea.

  1. Allergies

The alkaloids, antihistamines, and saponins in the mahkota dewa can relieve itching on the skin. For the purpose, take several leaves of mahkota dewa and wash them clean. Then grind the leaves until smooth and stick on the allergic skin. Do it 2 times a day until the allergy subsides.

  1. Smooth out Blood Flow

The flavonoids in mahkota dewa can improve blood circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels.


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