A Note from the Legend: From the Brokenhearted to Cultivating Empathy

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  06/05/2020 10:56 WIB

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Who doesn’t know Didi Kempot? This music star whose real name is Didi Prasetyo started his career from scratch as a street musician. The artist’s blood flowing through him gave birth to monumental works that live in the hearts of many people. His consistency in working on campursari songs proves his love for Javanese culture. His songs, Sewu Kutho, Layang Kangen, Balapan Station, Cidro, which we often hear are just a few of the 800 songs he has written.

Image source: mediaindonesia.com

The Godfather of Broken Heart

The Maestro of campursari, who was later known as the godfather of the broken heart, became the new idol of young people. So far, the booming songs from the maestro have a heart-wrenching feel. Yes, Didi Kempot always reminds us that broken heart tears that can be enjoyed in a different way. It probably only Didi Kempot who can write songs so thick of sadness and tears and yet we still want to sing along. Didi Kempot is like an anomaly to make campursari and heartbreak very enjoyable. Most of his fans, who call themselves sobat ambyar (Heart-shattered Friends), are young people. Sad boys and sad girls who fill every Didi Kempot concert is a new phenomenon that shows that young people are proud of traditional music and recognize it as the the nation’s culture.

Not Just a Troubled Song

Among the booming ambyar songs from the maestro, did you know, Didi Kempot also created a song that recorded jamu culture among the Indonesian people. Through a song entitled Jamu Jawa, Didi Kempot reminded that jamu is a medicine with many benefits.

Ngombe jamu gathuk-e dicampur madu
Pegel linu kanggo tombo boyok ngilu
Jamu jowo pancen cespleng khasiate
Wong loro mesti ono tambane
Pancen pait rasane wong ngombe jamu
Senajan pait kuwi mung sawetoro
Mbakyu jamu jo lali gulo aseme
Kanggo ngilangi roso paite

(Drink jamu is best mixed with honey
Pegel linu is for back pain
Jamu Jawa are indeed truly effective
Every illness has its medicine
Indeed, it’s bitter to drink
Although the bitterness is only temporary
Mbakyu jamu do not forget the gulo asem, please
To get rid of the bitter taste)

Through this song, Didi Kempot wanted to remind us that the bitterness of jamu is only temporary. Gula asem is an antidote to remove the bitterness of jamu. This song has a message, jamu is bitter but it heals. Didi Kempot is one of the #beranipahit generations. In real life, his life journey begins with bitterness. His struggle to get to where he is today is a tireless effort. Even when he was at the peak of his career, Didi Kempot never lost his sense of empathy.

The Empathy on Country Problems

Indonesia is grieving because of the Corona pandemic. As a musician, Didi Kempot did not stay silent, he also took part. His concern for the country was manifested in a charity concert which was held to raise donations to help people affected by Corona. The charity concert broadcast by Kompas TV managed to raise billions of rupiah in donations. Pandemic conditions in the midst of Ramadan and Eid also encouraged Didi Kempot to help the government’s campaign so that people did not mudik (going home) during Covid-19 outbreak. Ojo Mudik‘s song, became the last song he wrote before his passing.

Farewell to the legend, your work and dedication are forever in our hearts.