A Regular Consumption of Jamu Helps the Recovery Processes of COVID-19 Patients in Solo

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  08/04/2020 16:22 WIB

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Purwanti, a Corona suspect from Solo treated at Dr. Moewardi Solo hospital was declared cured. Purwanti contracted Corona from her husband who previously attended a seminar in Bogor. By telephone, Purwanti explained her secret to recovering from Corona to the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo.

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Purwanti’s recipe to maintain endurance is to consume vitamins and empon-empon, Javanese jamu. Since her husband was being treated at Moewardi, Purwanti regularly consumes vitamins and jamu made from various types of empon-empon.

“From the beginning Bapak (her call to her deceased husband) entered Moewardi, I took vitamins every day, sir. I’m at home with my sister and also make jamu. The jamu compounds, sir. Various kinds of jamu, all empon-empon are mixed together to drink.” She said to Ganjar.

Puwanti’s story is indeed in accordance with the properties of empon-empon. It has been a long time since our ancestors passed down the beneficial empon-empon. Empon-empon contents, such as curcumin in ginger and turmeric is indeed effective to increase endurance. This is in accordance with the statement submitted by Dr. (Cand) Inggrid Tania in her press release regarding the efficacy of curcumin in turmeric and temulawak rhizomes (Curcumin news link).

If we trace from the history of jamu itself, jamu is not just a medicine. Jamu is an effort. Jamu comes from the combination of the words jampi and oesodho. In this case, jampi means an effort to find healing and to keep the body healthy. You do this with a mantra (prayer) or medicinal plants. Oesodho means healthy or health that can be obtained through medication or other actions.

In the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, consuming jamu regularly is an attempt to stay healthy. For those who have not been exposed, consuming jamu regularly is an effort to maintain endurance and body fitness so as to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus which in turn reduces the number of PDP (covid suspects) in Indonesia. For those who have been exposed, consuming jamu is an effort to minimize the severity which ultimately reduces the risk of death.

So, are you ready to consume herbal medicine regularly?




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