Always Remember KLIK and Be a Smart Consumer

"Make sure to KLIK before buying or consuming a packaged product. Make sure that any medicines or food are safe for ourselves. Our concern to check and report if there is a product that does not have product information makes an important contribution to the community's protection, so that we can avoid counterfeit products"

Published by : Farida  -  24/09/2021 13:39 WIB

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There is one thing we first have to do when buying a packaged product, either for food and medicine, namely the product information. The information we should know before buying a product can be easily remembered by an abbreviation, KLIK.

KLIK stands for Kemasan (Packaging), Labels, Ijin Edar (Distribution License), and Kadaluwarsa (Expiration date). Make sure we read and understood the information, because it concerns with the safety of the products we will buy or consume. By checking KLIK, we can avoid the risk of consuming expired food products or illegal medicines. Here’s a quick look at the guide to checking out medications and foods basic information.

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 We should always make sure that the packaging of food or drug products is in good condition. There are no holes in the packaging and the box is not worn out or damaged. If a food product with bad packaging is found, you can be sure that the product is not stored properly. If this happens, do not purchase the product.


Always pay attention to the label on any medicine or food product. Because it contains important information on the name of the product, composition or active ingredient in the medicines, medicines’ category, their uses, the doses, warning for people with certain conditions, and other information, like the storage recommendations.

Distribution Lisence

 We must make sure that every food product or medicine that we will buy has received a distribution license/permit from BPOM. Generally, products that have received a permit from BPOM will include a registration number. In fact, BPOM also provides an official application to check whether a registration number has already had a permit from BPOM or not. 

Expiration Date

Another important thing is to always check the expiration date of the food and medicines. Instead of getting efficacy from drugs or food that we buy, expired products can harm our health, because the benefits have been reduced or even lost.

Do not forget to always be sure of those four items of information before deciding to buy or consume a product. Make sure that the medicine or food entering our body will not have negative risks to ourselves. In addition, our concern to check and report if there is a product that lack of product information may have important contribution to the community’s protection, as we can help to prevent ourselves from counterfeit products. Even BPOM also provides a complaint service line if you find a suspicious product. BPOM complaint service can be reached through thi number (1500533).