Benefits of Daun Sirih Part (2): 10 Illnesses to Cure with Daun Sirih Hijau

"When you hear the word daun sirih hijau (green betel leaf), it might only remind you of elder people’s habits of betel chewing. In the ancient Javanese tradition, chewing betel leaf or commonly called nginang is believed to be able to treat teeth to keep them intact and healthy. It is said our grandmothers rarely experience toothaches because of that habit. Then, are betel leaves only beneficial for dental health? Let's find the answer below."

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In addition to keeping dental health, here are some of the health benefits of green betel leaves.

  1. Swollen Gums

You do this by chewing enough daun sirih hijau or gargling with the betel leaves brew.

  1. Vaginal Discharge

You do this by boiling a few daun sirih hijau and then drink the water. In addition, the water can also be washed onto the vagina to reduce the smell.

  1. Thrush

You do this by chewing daun sirih hijau or gargling the brew. Gargling regularly with betel leaf brew can also get rid of bad breath.

  1. Dengue Fever

You do this by drinking daun sirih hijau brew. It kills the germs that cause dengue fever. In addition, apply pounded betel leaf to the body to avoid Aedes Aegypti mosquito bites.

  1. Bad Breath

You do this by chewing a few daun sirih hijau or gargling with betel leaves brew.

  1. Cough

You do this by soaking 10 daun sirih hijau with 70% alcohol for 30 minutes. Boil them until the water remained around 1 cup. Add sugar and drink when cool.

  1. Eye Medication

You do this by soaking the daun sirih hijau in cold water. Squeeze the leaves and filter the water. Dip your eyes into the betel water while opening your eyes. Do it regularly.

  1. Burns, nosebleeds, boils, and itching

You do this by mixing pounded daun sirih hijau with honey and then put it on the injured skin.

  1. Acne

You do this by mashing the daun sirih hijau and then boiling it in water. Wait until it is warm, then use it to wash your face. Do 2-3 a day regularly.

  1. Sore Throat

You do this by mashing the daun sirih hijau and then boil them.. Filter the water and drink it. Do it 2-3 times a day on a regular basis.

The efficacy of daun sirih hijau has indeed been felt and proven for generations. However, it should be noted that health experts and WHO state that daun sirih hijau should not be consumed for pregnant women, as it can damage DNA genes and cause problems to the fetus.

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