Benefits of Daun Sirsak

"Sirsak (Soursop) is a tropical fruit with quite a lot of fans in Indonesia. The sour and fresh taste of sorsoup juice is most sought-after. But, not only the fruit, the leaves also have benefits. Daun Sirsak (soursop leaves) have health properties not be underestimated."

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  07/05/2020 13:17 WIB

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Do you have a sirsak tree? Congratulations, you are lucky to have this plant. As this sirsak tree has properties for various remedies. Daun Sirsak (soursop leaves) contain acetogenin, adriamycin, and antioxidants that play a role in overcoming malignant diseases, such as cancer. Here are some of the benefits of daun sirsak for healing certain diseases.

  1. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body
  2. Treating diabetes
  3. Reduce risk of infection
  4. As a cough and cold medicine, and shore throat
  5. Reduce cholesterol levels
  6. Treating ovarian cysts
  7. Treating gout
  8. Treating lung disease
  9. increase fertility
  10. Smooth out the digestive system
  11. Pain medicine
  12. ulcer medicine
  13. Remove lice

For a note, you should not use daun sirsak excessively, as it has certain side effects for too much using the ingredient.  Some of the side effects include kidney and liver disorders and nerve damage.