Biji Asam for Insect Bites

"Ever been bitten by an insect? Then what did you do? Rubbing an insect bite with ointment? Taking medicine to reduce the inflammation? Anyway, you can also use a simple ingredient for insect bite, biji asam are one of them!"

Published by : Kurnia HD  -  25/11/2019 10:21 WIB

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Almost all of us ever suffer from insect bites. The results vary, from itching, swelling, heat, tingling, to pain in the skin. In general, having bitten, we usually apply ointments or take certain medicines to reduce inflammation of the skin.

Anyway, you may also try alternative medicine to treat insect bites. It’s by using biji asam (tamarind seeds). Our elders have used tamarind seeds to treat insect bites from generations. This was supported by an article on the manfaat.co.id  which listed some of the benefits of tamarind seeds for our health. Those benefits include helping to heal wounds or ulcers, relieving inflammation or swelling, and treating snake bites.

It’s easy to prepare the herb. All you need is enough eucalyptus oil and three tamarind seeds. Here is how you should treat insect bites with biji asam.

  1. Rub the affected skin with eucalyptus oil
  2. Finely crush the biji asam
  3. Rub the crushed biji asam on the wound
  4. Wrap it with a bandage

If you have no biji asam around, you can always order it from herbal online shops.



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